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The whitening ingredient in the Smile-Brite whitening gel produces oxygen on contact with saliva. This oxygen gently fades out the stains and yellowish and grayish hues, leaving your teeth in a more sparkling, white state. Smile-Brite is used daily until the whitening process is complete, after which you use Smile-Brite once a month to keep your teeth whiter permanent. Of course, as with any teeth whitening procedure, how white the teeth get varies from person to person. And, Smile-Brite is not a substitute for regular tooth care and checkups by your dentist. Smile-Brite works for teeth discolored due to smoking, coffee, tea or age. Now you can be proud to wear your best smile, knowing your teeth are white and sparkling like they should be!

Dr. Stephen Wallace, DDS:

"A recent poll of dentists who are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists(AACD) revealed that 78% offer teeth whitening procedures to their patients. The Smile-Brite system uses the same whitening ingredient that is used by thousands of dentists across the U.S. who charge hundreds of dollars for their treatment. The Smile-Brite method has been demonstrated to be safe and lets you whiten your teeth at home at a fraction of the cost of having your teeth whitened under a dentist's supervision. I have used the Smile-Brite method to whiten the teeth of hundreds of patients and the results have been exceptionally good."

Each box contains: One 2 fluid ounce bottle of whitening gel, two adjustable soft plastic applicators and shade comparison guide.

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