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  • Nutri-Zyme treats flatulence.
  • Nutri-Zyme helps to treat heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Nutri-Zyme improves chronic skin complaints.
  • Nutri-Zyme eases the symptoms of candida overgrowth syndrome.
  • Nutri-Zyme provides nutritional support for cancer patients.
  • Nutri-Zyme may help wounds to heal faster.
  • Nutri-Zyme increases digestive capacity.
  • Nutri-Zyme helps to treat digestive disorders.

There are literally thousands of different enzymes that are found in nature. Most of the raw foods that we consume contain enzymes. But unfortunately the typical American diet is (depending on how much raw food you eat) completely devoid of live food enzyme content. What this can do over time is cause what is know as an enzyme deficit to occur, enzyme deficits can create all kinds of imbalances to occur. So if you eat more uncooked ‘live’ foods that contain enzymes, along with taking supplemental enzymes this will ensure a high quality diet, and long term health. Enzymes turn the food we eat into energy and unlock this energy for use in the body. Life itself depends on enzymes. Enzymes and foods are dependent upon one another. If there are too few enzymes, the foods we eat cannot be broken down. And since enzymes are made of protein, if we do not digest enough protein, enzymes cannot be formed. Without enzymes, even the most balanced dietary lifestyle would be worthless because food cannot be digested and used by the body.

Many of the practitioners have found that digestive problems can often develop at any stage of life, especially the later years because stores of digestive enzymes decline with advancing age and poor dietary habits. Taking supplemental enzymes helps to restore good digestion by replenishing these dwindling supplies. If you break this category of metabolic helpers down to its two simplest components you would find that there are basically two categories of enzymes. There are the ‘metabolic’ types of enzymes that are responsible for systemic chemical reactions, absorption, transportation, metabolism and eliminating waste. And then there are the ‘digestive’ enzymes that are used to assist in the digestive process. If you had to weight which are most important, it would be a tough call. But if you look at it from a supply and demand view point, if you don’t digest your food to begin with, then you can’t supply the raw materials that are needed to make the other enzymes that the body needs to function. Every cell in our body, over 100 trillion are dependent on enzymes.

One of the best external sources of enzymes is from raw fruits and vegetables, and although enzymes are present in all raw foods, they degrade when cooking temperatures are greater than 118 degrees F. This is where the problem starts; the typical diet that people consume today is mostly cooked and highly processed. These foods are essentially what are know as a ‘dead food’, they contain no enzyme activity once so ever. This is a serious problem, because if you look at the way the body works and understand its dependency on enzymes, you can see where most of the disease states that are so prevalent today come from. The digestive enzymes are where it all starts, digestion actually begins in the mouth, at least for carbohydrates it does. Other digestive enzymes are secreted along the gastrointestinal tract and break down foods, enabling the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream for use in various bodily functions. There are three main categories of digestive enzymes: amylase protease, and lipase. Amylase, found in saliva and in the pancreatic and intestinal juices, breaks down carbohydrates. Protease, found in the stomach juices and intestines help to digest proteins. Lipase, found in the stomach and pancreatic juices, aids in fat digestion.

The metabolic enzymes that are contained through out the rest of the body are responsible for initiating chemical reactions at every level. Much of this enzyme activity goes on within the cells to protect them from damage and maintain the process of cell respiration and regeneration. Metabolic enzymes run all our organs, tissues and cells. Dietary vitamins, minerals and bodily hormones need enzymes to be present in order to get their work done properly. Since most of society has some form of deficit, it is very important to make sure that if you do not eat a lot of raw foods, that you take a product like Nutri-Zyme to help fill the gap.

When the body receives foods that are deficient in enzymes, the body reacts by increasing the numbers of white blood cells as a defense mechanism. And since even the immune system is affected by enzyme deficits; Nutri-Zyme provides you with a dose of supplementary enzymes to help maintain your health. There is a direct link between the strength of our immune system and our enzyme levels. The more enzymes we have the stronger our immune and digestive system will be. Immune cells called leukocytes are white blood cells that contain eight different amylase enzymes, which assist the white blood cell to engulf foreign substances and reduce them to a form that the body can eliminate. Research has shown that leukocytes increase after you have eaten a cooked meal. However, there is no such increase in leukocytes production after a person has eaten a raw food meal. Research has shown that enzymes are related to all diseases via the immune system whether the disease is acute or chronic, if the pancreatic output of enzymes is hindered, the whole body is affected.

Enzymes are used up more rapidly during all acute and chronic illnesses. So those with chronic health problems should be more diligent in taking a product like Nutri-Zyme to help regain their health. Those with blood sugar disorders, hypoglycemia, endocrine gland weakness, obesity, digestive dysfunction and stress related problem would all benefit from taking an enzyme supplement like Nutri-Zyme. The importance of enzymes cannot be overemphasized. If the lack of enzymes can cause diseases, then adding enzymes to the diet, through supplementation and proper food intake will prevent premature aging and breakdown of the body. †


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