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   Over the next ten years major shifts will occur with regards to vitamins, minerals & herbal supplements in the market place. There are new discoveries that are occurring in the field of nutraceuticals each year, most of them are based on solid scientifically substantiated studies. A wealth of new processing technologies and genetic information promises to provide the nutrition industry with an unprecedented opportunity to bring innovative new products to market.

To that end, just recently some new research has come to the forefront that states a good multi vitamin and mineral product is beneficial to our overall health. Why take a vitamin and mineral supplement? The greatest reason is that people are really not aware that normal, everyday physical stress, exposure to toxins, intake of sugar, coffee etc. can rapidly deplete the body’s store of particular vitamins and minerals. This nutritional deficit leaves us vulnerable to shortages that can have a direct effect on our health. Another reason is that food just isn’t what it was let’s say… a hundred years ago or so. Now foods are highly processed, and in many cases devoid of any real nutritional value. In most cases the manufacturer of any highly processed food will claim that they have added back a certain amount of a single nutrient or two, but this is just marketing hype. When you take a food and strip it of the innate nutritional value that Mother Nature had endowed to that food in the first place, you can’t just toss one or two nutrients back into a matrix that has been totally disrupted, and expect everything to be OK. Even in the foods that have not been processed, you will find that they may have been grown in nutrient depleted soils, and may have been stored for extended periods of time in environments that degrade the nutritional value. Foods are grown hydroponicly and are even genetically modified (GMO) to the point that our own bodies don’t even recognize them as food.

Everyone knows how important certain nutrients are to maintain a healthy body, but we have a tendency to put aside what we know to be true (about what foods are healthy) and err on the side of convenience. These foods don’t contain enough of the minerals and vitamins to keep you healthy. Our bodies normally use the minerals that are found in foods to maintain our structural frame, and minerals are also heavily involved in the manufacture of important enzymes throughout the body. Taking vitamins in conjunction with minerals allows the body to put all the pieces together so it can function at a higher level to maintain health. What makes things worse are all the fad diets that are out there, it is even easier for a depletion to occur now, because of the extremes that many of these types of diets lean toward. This may be another reason that it is so difficult for many people to lose weight, because when there is a nutrient deficiency of any kind, the body will not function at a level that will allow your organs to do what they need to, especially when it comes to burning the extra calories. And what makes it even worse is when an individual wants to lose the weight and goes to the gym, they will force the body to ‘try’ and perform at a higher level, but it just won’t be able to because the nutrient support isn’t there!

Every system in the body from the immune system to the reproductive systems depends on a nutrient dense diet to be able to perform. You may begin to notice sub-clinical nutrient deficiencies such as skin problems, hair loss, cracked nails, digestive problems and the list could go on, if you aren’t getting the nutrients that you need to stay healthy from your diet. Our Multivitamin and Mineral product offers a balance of vitamins and minerals that may help to fill the gap your diet leaves you wanting for. Science has shown us that the need is there, Nutri-Force is offering you a product to help with your peace of mind. †


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