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Canthaxanthin Antioxidant Organic Dietary Supplement

Our SunBronz CANTHAXANTHIN is a brown-red carotenoid that is used by millions world wide for its many benefits. We use the highest quality of canthaxanthin. There are no chemicals nor toxins, just pure canthaxanthin. There are NO sugars, flavors, colors, soy, wheat, corn, milk, egg, grain products.

Packaging: 30 mg., 100 capsules

CANTHAXANTHIN is one of two major carotenoids in nature, the second being Beta Carotene.

Carotenoids are biological pigments which are the coloring of living organisms and valuable molecules needed for important metabolic reactions. They are distributed everywhere in leaves, flowers, fruits, and the roots of plants. Carotenoids are also found in many animals, and man, derived from plant sources.

Carotenoids have powerful antioxidant properties which defend against damaging singlet and triplet oxygen, a by-product of ultra violet rays and photosynthetic metabolism. These free radical scavengers prevent harmful and uncontrolled oxidation. Carotenoids also protect plants from direct ultra violet damage by absorbing high energy ultra violet photons and then safely defusing the energy along hydrocarbon chains.

Canthaxanthin itself is a natural carotenoid found in many different plants. It is the natural coloring of apples and many other fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Canthaxanthin functions as an ultra violet photon absorber, a singlet and triplet oxygen quencher and free radical deactivator.

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